In examining the health care systems in America:

1.) What is the definition of a health care system?
2.) What are the implications of beliefs and values on a health care system?
3.) What are some examples of the various models of health care delivery used in America?
4.) How does the health care system apply to models of the health care delivery in the United States?


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Definition of a health care system:

A health care system is the total network of agencies that fall under one umbrella of an organization that may be in a geographic area. In today’s market, that geographic area may even go from state to state. A health care system may be under a certain name of a cluster of agencies that are nationwide, or just a regional system.

Implications of beliefs and values on a health care system:

The beliefs and values of a healthcare system are specific to that entity. The public always looks at the values and interprets them to meet their needs. If an organization states they are customer-service oriented then the patients and families expect the best in customer behaviors.

Examples of the various models of health care delivery used in America:

Health care is delivered in a variety of ways in the United States. The health care models in America can be classified in three different classifications: Federally insured care, which includes the Veterans Health and Medicare; private insured care; and those who have no insurance. All …

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