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Question1: (20 marks)

Write an algorithm according for the following: 20 marks
– Prompts the student to enter his/her score in IELTS.
– Displays a message indicates whether he/she will be exempted from EL111, EL112 or none of them.

Sample Input:
Enter your score in IELTS:

Sample Output:
You will be exempted from EL111 and EL112

Sample Input:
Enter your score in IELTS:

Sample Output:
You will be exempted from EL111


Sample Input:
Enter your score in IELTS:

Sample Output:
You will not be exempted from any course

Your algorithm should follow (
exactly) the format of the following samples:


Question 2: (20 marks)

Write an algorithm to calculate the total price for entering a sport club tickets based on the following in information:

-Full Price ticket is 10$

-Concession price for the ticket is 6.5$

-Prompt the user to enter full and concession price for the ticket.

-If there are a family would like to enter the club then you have to calculate how many they have to pay the full price and the rest will pay as a concession price

-Find the total payment and how much should they pay and display a message for that.

-Example: My family total 5 so parents has to pay full price and children they have concession price because their age less than 12 years so the full price will be 39.5$

-Each student should input his/her family numbers and calculate how many less than 12 ages then calculate the final price and show output.


Question 3: (10 marks)

A.Write an algorithm and OUBuild Script to find Duplicate between two lists of string values then count the common elements between the two lists and print the count.

-Each student should enter different String values with maximum size 10 or less.

-The student will declare two lists and enter at most 10 values for each.(it can be less than 10 )

-When Space key pressed then it will calculate and count how many common values between them.

For example:

List1 = [“Pascal”, “Python”, “JAVA”, “PHP”, “C++”, “SQL”];

List2 = [“MySQL”, “SQL”, “SQLite”, “Oracle”, “PostgreSQL”, “pascal”, “JAVA”]


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