Assignment 3:

Choose your methods. In this assignment, you will begin to flesh­out what your research will look

like. Pick two methods: one quantitative (experiment, quasi­experiment, survey) and one qualitative

(unobtrusive observation, participant observation, content analysis). Write a 4­page paper telling me

about your research design. For your quantitative approach, tell me your working hypothesis (which,

of course, is grounded in literature). After presenting your hypothesis, discuss the variables involved

in testing that hypothesis. How do you operationalize your constructs? What manipulations will you

employ? For your qualitative approach, discuss what types of questions will be guiding your research.

How will you gather your data? What is your research plan?

For both quantitative and qualitative methods, you should tell me about your sample, in terms of sample size and any other special sampling concerns. Also, discuss whether there are any potential

ethical concerns related to your chosen approach. Be as clear and specific about these points as



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