Fоrmat: Repоrt

“…onlу two-thіrds of сrіtical care pharmacotherapy-related clinical practice guidelines can be recommended for use, and most strong pharmacotherapy recommendations are backed by low quality scientific evidence” (Gorman, Chung, Slavik et al., 2010, p.1640).

This assessment is designed to give you an opportunity to critically examine the evidence and evaluate clinical efficacy of pharmacotherapy in the treatment of critically ill patients.

Part A (1000 words)

Identify a pharmacological agent prescribed within your area of specialty. Please select a de-identified case in which a patient is prescribed and administered the pharmacotherapy agent you have selected. This patient must be within the continuum of critical illness. Please critically describe and evaluate the patients’ admission, assessment findings, diagnosis,the condition and progress; and the rationale for the use of the chosen pharmacotherapy. Critically analyse and evaluate evidence of the underlying aetiology of the pathophysiologic process that led to the patient requiring the agent.

Part B (2500 words)

Please critically review, analyse and evaluate the pharmacotherapy that was prescribed for this patient and critically review its therapeutic role in relation to the patients’ progress by:

evaluating the physiological impact of the agent

its mode of delivery and action;
the risks and benefits of the intervention and possible ongoing implications for patient recovery and
provide evidence based recommendations for future use of this pharmacotherapy for similar patient cohorts.
This assignment should be supported by relevant contemporary, high quality peer reviewed specialty literature and adhere to academic standards.

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