IELTS Speaking Test (first part) “ Practice Test (2)

Part 1 of IELTS will ask you several questions about 3 different topics.  Use the following tests and practice with a partner.  Try to answer the questions for all 3 topics in about 5 minutes.  If your partner does not give you a reason for their answer, ask why.

Lets talk about your studies.

What are you studying now or what did you study previously?

Why did you choose this course?

What did/do you hope to do after graduation?

Lets move on to talk about hats.

Do you often wear a hat?

When do people wear hats in your culture?

Are there any types of hats that you dont like?

When is it not appropriate to wear a hat?

Lets talk about music.

What type of music do you enjoy?

Do you prefer to listen to music on a device or go to a live concert?

Is there any type of music that you dont like?

Do you listen to the same kind of music now as you did when you were younger?

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