150+ Argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Abuse

When it comes to argumentative essay writing, there are many different topics that you can choose from. However, one topic that always seems to be popular is animal abuse. Argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Abuse can be about anything related to animal abuse, Here are some good animal abuse essay topics and research topics you can write about

Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Animal Abuse with prompts

Ethics- use of animals in the process of testing non-medical products.

Essay prompt: poisoning, shocking, burning, and murdering animals has become a common practice for various companies producing non-medical products such as cosmetics, cleaning, storage, pharmacy, and office supplies among others, according to people for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA).

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Owning exotic pets

Essay prompt: having pets could make the owners to experience enrichment and joy. There are so many benefits associated with keeping pet animals.

Argumentative essay thesis: owning exotic animals can cause an endangerment to the animal, to the owner, and to the community.

  1. Close reading: human-animal relations

Essay prompt: the utilitarian perspective involves the idea that animals are simply sources of food and have no added value.

  1. Argumentative essay about animal models in scientific research

Essay prompt: this paper argues that the use of animal models in scientific research is more beneficial compared to its drawbacks and that all animal experiments strictly adhere to the ethical principles of scientific research

  1. Aspca animal abuse and adoption
  2. Essay prompt: before human beings walked the face of the earth, there were already inhabitants that are years ahead of us, and these were animals. Animals have been through many natural phenomena and disasters, evolved, and adapted to what we know of them nowadays, but their fight for survival is still not over.
  3. Should animals be used for medical research
  4. Techniques of propaganda in animal farm
  5. Describe why animal research and testing ought to stop

Essay prompt: while there are benefits to humans from animal research, the researchers claim that they try to minimize pain and discomfort, but fail to show how they achieve this.

  1. Animal cruelty laws: suffering or premature death

Essay prompt: this paper discusses various animal cruelty laws that fight for animal rights to avert their suffering or premature death. Globally, animals have continuously become subjects of litigation.

  • Developing spare parts for humans

Essay prompt: undergraduate essay: developing spare parts for humans. Animals are being experimented with and used to create tissues, organs and medicines for humans. Do you believe that using certain animals for this?

  • Commercial animal farms: animal rights research assignment

Essay prompt: what do you think would happen to commercial animal farms if regan’s ideas are adopted?

  • Subtle relationship between elephants and humans
  • Treating animals humanely personal essay

Essay prompt: this article seeks to make the argument that animals deserve to be treated humanely because it is wrong to advance a single species at the expense of others, some fundamental rights extend to all species.

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Argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Abuse

  1. What are the things one should consider before adopting a pet?
  1. Should the law be harsher for animal cruelty?
  • Should the conditions in a farm factory be improved?
  • Human lives are more important than living creatures’ ones
  • Should hunting be banned?
  • Should we propose alternatives to animal experiments?
  • Animal rights as an indicator of a civilized society.
  • Do animals have rights?
  • Is it important to protect endangered animals?
  • Can humans fully protect endangered species?
  • Testing cosmetics products on living things should be banned
  • Are some animals more beneficial to the ecosystem than others?
  • Should animals be subjected to captivity?
  • All of us need to respect living creatures and their role
  • Should wild animals be kept in reserves?
  • Should animals be used in research studies?
  • Can animal testing be justified?
  • The efforts of various international conventions on animal rights are irrelevant as they are incapable of checking injustice to animals.

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  • Animal fashion needs to be banned globally
  • Lots of people don’t really care about animals
  • Can you keep animals caught in the wild as pets?
  • Is taking animals to a zoo an inhumane act?
  • Is it right to use animals for cosmetics testing?
  • Many of the animal species are about to extinct because of the chemicals applied to them during the test.
  • The dangers that farms expose animals to.
  • Are developed countries less cruel towards animals compared to underdeveloped states?
  • Is hunting for rhino’s horns leading to their extinction?
  • Punishments for animal abuse are still too mild
  • Should animal testing get banned for medicine?
  • Is animal dissection a useful learning tool for students?
  • Forest cutting has terrible consequences on wildlife
  • The moral aspects of keeping animals in captivity for entertainment and commercial reasons.
  • Should we ban animal fashion?
  • Animals are subjected to human cruelty in various testing labs nowadays?
  • What impact do people on wild animals?
  • Explore the scope of animal rights; should animal rights be increased?
  • Alternatives to animal experimentations
  • Should we enforce rules to protect animals against inhumane cruelty on legal grounds?
  • Is it right to give dairy cows drugs to boost their milk production?
  • The punishment for poaching wild animals should be increased.
  • International conventions on animals is completely irrelevant
  • Are companion animals efficient for lonely people?
  • Animal testing is a must but can be improved
  • Is it right or acceptable to use higher animals like chimpanzees and monkeys in laboratory research?
  • We should never take medicine if we must save animals from medical experiments
  • Is animal health child’s play
  • Do lab technicians subject animals to inhumane treatment in laboratory experiments?
  • Should deer hunting be banned?
  • Should animal keepers encourage the genetic modification of livestock
  • Biotechnology poses serious threats to animals
  • Which conditions should an aquarium have before immersing gold fish?
  • What are some of the ways that people who live in cities tend to abuse their pets?
  • Bullfighting: to be or not to be?
  • Should animals be killed for food?
  • How has the advancement of technology lead to increased animal cruelty
  • Most of the animals spread infectious diseases once they are subjected to chemical tests in several experiments.
  • Is the genetic modification of domestic animals potentially dangerous for humans?
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These are just a few ideas to get you started – there are endless possibilities when it comes to writing about animal abuse. No matter what angle you take, make sure to back up your argument with evidence and reason, and be respectful of other people’s opinions. With a little effort, you can write an essay that will spark discussion and debate – and maybe even change some minds!

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Animal Topics For Essays

  • The tribal people harm animals for their meals and other needs in several ways.
  • The advancement in technology and coming of the biotechnology in the past couple of decades pose a serious threat to animals.
  • How expensive is veterinary care?
  • Should people have exotic pets?
  • The moral responsibility of eliminating animal abuse.
  • Making policies to prevent animal cruelty is not enough, they should be enforced on the ground
  • Are the wild animals reserves safe for all species?
  • Living things shouldn’t be used for entertaining humans
  • Should the government continue testing antibiotics on animals?
  • Are animals facing cruelty in testing labs?
  • Which ways are people in the city advancing animal cruelty
  • Is it justifiable to sell products made from animals?
  • Should the production of garments from mink be allowed?
  • Should we ban use of primates in animal testing?
  • Is it right to use animals for medical studies and scientific experiments?
  • What methods are implemented on animals during induced helplessness tests?
  • Is the factory farm treatment of animals an inhumane act?
  • The principles of saving exotic animals from human intervention.
  • Should there be a higher penalty for poaching?
  • Can medics justify the concept of animal testing?
  • Should euthanizing stray animals be banned? (Animal Topics For Essays)
  • Animal cruelty
  • Is hunting inhumane?
  • Epidemiology and animal experimentation: which one is more successful?
  • Why animal health should be properly maintained.
  • Teaching kids to care for animals.
  • Can humans improve the lives of captive animals?
  • Are monkeys the most advanced animals?

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Veterinary Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The dangerous effects of humans on beings’ life
  • Developed countries are less cruel towards animals as compared to developing and underdeveloped nations.
  • Is animal health just a way of making money?
  • The challenges encompassing the adoption of pets.
  • Is the tether of dogs outside an act of neglect and therefore inhumane?
  • Particular species that must be used for testing and experimentation
  • Do animals spread infections once subjected to chemical tests in laboratory experiments?
  • Why performance animals are exposed to higher risks.
  • Should stray animals be euthanized?
  • People should not use animals for the purpose of entertainment
  • Should foxes be domesticated?
  • Apart from making strict rules for saving cruelty to animals, it is also important to enforce them on the real ground.
  • Whaling should be outlawed globally.
  • Should people pet exotic animals?
  1. Should pets be controlled to prevent overpopulation?

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Animal Rights Essay Topics

  1. Opposing position: animals should be protected and death penalty

Essay prompt: there has been controversy on the use of animals in experiments and research, but the practice has been used over time and ethical principles adopted to minimize risks.

  • Effect of global warming on certain species of animals (Animal Topics For Essays)

Essay prompt: today, the sea level has gone down, the temperature of the atmosphere has increased, and rains do not fall normally. All this is because of man-made things and unwanted human activities that have contributed to an increased level of global warming.

  • Animal captivity: animals live in environments
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Essay prompt: animals in captivity are on a daily basis, forced to endure conditions of physical as well as psychological pain. This hampers their development and changes the way they should live and develop.

  • Animals should be used for medical research : should animals be used for medical research?
  • Discuss the use of animals for sports and entertainment

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Essay prompt: the use of animals for entertainment has been a practice done for over twenty centuries dating back to the time of the gladiator and the coliseum.

  • Using animals in psychological research (Animal Topics For Essays)

Essay prompt: the practice of using animals in research has been a common phenomenon for decades since findings from these studies have had a big impact on the development of medicine.

  • Letting wild animals remain in the wild, and refraining people from supporting zoos

Essay prompt: conclusively, wild animals should not be kept captive, which is common in most parts of the world. Human beings are the superior species, which gives them the mandate to rule and protect other animals.

  • Is it better for animals to not be kept in zoos

Essay prompt: the debate of whether keeping animals in a zoo or letting them wander in their natural habitat is a controversial issue. Notably, all the animals we see in zoos are wild animals.

  • Why animals have no right research assignment paper (Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Animal Abuse)
 Here are some good argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Abuse, Animal Topics For Essays, Veterinary Argumentative Essay Topics, Animal Rights Essay Topics,  and Animal Topics For Research Papers
150+ Argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Abuse 2

Animal Topics For Research Papers

  1. Are factory farms responsible for the active spread of influenza diseases among chickens and other domestic animals?
  2. Humans should be banned from poaching
  3. Scientists should not use primates and sophisticated vertebrates in lab research
  4. Tribal people harm animals more for their personal needs
  5. Are zoos good or bad for animals?
  6. Is it lawful to keep ocean marine in captivity? (Animal Topics For Essays)
  7. The advancement of protection culture for fauna.
  8. Animals don’t have feelings
  9. What is the impact of water pollution on aquatic life?
  10. Animal fashion should be illegalized.
  11. We care for beasties selectively, and that’s a problem
  12. The ethical aspect of euthanizing stray animals.
  13. Global warming is destroying different animal ecosystems
  14. The relevance of conserving the giant panda
  15. Is animal testing for medical and cosmetic purposes morally justified?

Lastly here are bonus argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Abuse;

  1. Is it justifiable to sacrifice animals for religious purposes?
  2. Is companion animal good for people who are lonely?
  3. Should we report people who are cruel to animals?
  4. Should chimpanzees and monkeys be used in animal testing?
  5. Is chemical application on animals the reason for their quick extinction?
  6. Is it right to breed foxes into companion animals?
  7. The urgency of protecting endangered animals.
  8. Do humans have the responsibility to protect the animals they use for medical or experimental tests?
  9. Should people treat poisonous animals with kindness?
  10. Should people be afraid of animals?
  11. Are dolphins the friendliest animals? (Animal Topics For Essays)
  12. Should bullfighting be banned?
  13. You can wear leather or fur provided the animals were raised in humane conditions.
  14. Can the cross-breeding of animal be a sustainable business in the long-term?
  15. Should animals be respected?
  16. Trends and public opinion towards animal rights
  17. Are there conditions in the farm that foster the spread of avian influenza amongst chicken?
  18. Do you support tethering of dogs and other animals outside?
  19. Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Animal Abuse

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