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RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) analysis can be used to distinguish between alleles based on differences in which of the following?

d. The sequence variation is acted upon differently by natural selection in different environments.

Gene C and gene D are known to be 15 map units apart on the same chromosome. Individuals homozygous dominant for these genes are mated with homozygous recessives. The F1 offspring are then mated with homozygous recessive individuals. If there are 500 F2 offspring from this cross, how many of these would you expect to show the crossover phenotypes?

linked genes because of –

Suppose alleles M and n are linked on one chromosome, and m and N are linked on the homologous chromosome. Individuals homozygous for M and n are mated with individual homozygous for m and N. Their offspring are crossed with homozygous recessive individuals, and the following results are recorded:

Mn/mn 232

mN/mn 240

MN/mn 15

mn/mn 13


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