I need a Licensed Mental health Counselor to assist me with these questions. I have called a bunch of counselors to get an interview and no one seem to be available. This has to be answered by a licensed mental health counselor, not a social worker or psychologist. The person’s name needs to be attached so I can use it for interview purposes. The questions are:

– Please describe your education and training to become a licensed counselor

– What licensure and other professional credentials do you have? Professional memberships?

– What drew you to the mental health counseling profession?

– What client populations do you serve as a counselor?

– What do you like most about your day-to-day professional life? What do you like the least?

– How do managed care policies impact your work?

– What advocacy activities do you engage in?

Thank you.

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I am in the last year of a PhD program in Rehabilitation Counseling & Administration from East Carolina University (ECU). I will be graduating in December 2013. I obtained an M.S. in Clinical Counseling & Substance Abuse (2011) and gained a certificate as Certified Rehabilitation Counselor by passing the national exam (www.crccertification.com/). Upon passing the CRCC exam, this automatically made me eligible to receive my State’s (NC) provisional license to practice as a provisional counselor, LPCA (www.ncblpc.org/). My coursework also allowed me to apply and receive my provisional license as a Clinical Addictions Specialist, LCAS-A (www.ncsappb.org/). Once I complete 2,000 hours while under supervision by a fully licensed counselor, I will resubmit my application and credentials to …

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