Leading discussion/Tutorial Paper


You will do one tutorial presentation on a topic for 15-20 minutes. Ideally you choose a case (Humanitarian intervention((Afghanistan)).) (Your choice ;)) and analyze it through one of the foreign policy approaches we have studied. (Afghanistan)

·         You should aim to cover a specific problem or question rather than provide a descriptive account of the topic. E.g.: did Australia further gender equality during its time on the UN Security Council?

·         As presenter of that week, you will also lead the tutorial discussion by fielding questions and posing your own.

Please make sure that you give a a scription (explanation of slides) (for example , slide 1 + explanations in different pageJ , slide 2 +explanation ……) J


1500 words essay with minimum 11 references in Harvard style + proper IN-TEXT referencing. (Please make sure about this part as its extremely important)

you have previously don my essay and that was fantastic (special thanks) so I feel good.

As my previous order , I asked to provide links for references , I need here too . I will need to reread my essay and presentation and look up the references by clicking on the links that you send me. so, it will look more real. J

Please make sure about links J important for me dear writer. you are my only hope to pass his unit J

·         You will be graded on presentation and the accompanying written report.

·         The written report is due the following week, allowing you time to incorporate

feedback from your presentation, and to address any research gaps identified.

·         It should be treated as a minor essay, with clear introduction and conclusion, and

full referencing and bibliography.


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