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The purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyze the ethical issues in the attached document, “Ventilator Allocation Guidelines”, issues by the New York State Department of Health. This document was produced in November 2015, long before the emergence of COVID-19.

Frequently in your careers you will have a massive amount of data presented to you and will be asked to summarize issues and provide meaning in the current context. I personally found this document interesting, informative, challenging, and at times confusing. The executive summary contains a lot of information, followed by sections on clinical ventilator allocations protocols for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. You should focus only on the adult guidelines beginning on page 12. This section is still approximately 70 pages. I am not asking you to read every page of this document in detail. You should examine the document and comment on the various ethical issues that you identify.

Each of you will have a very different approach to this assignment. It is interesting to see the various stakeholders that contributed to this document (see page 10). You can see that it is not just clinical professionals who are deciding critical ethical issues in healthcare.

Your specific task is to provide an approximately three-page summary of what you observed as the key ethical issues in the document and how the guidelines addressed these issues.

3 pages APA style, please see the attached file for this paper

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