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5 total paragraphs.

Data will be attached.

Discuss your company’s financial projections and valuation in relation to the company’s quarter seven (Q7) statement of cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, and stock history report by doing the following:

1. Calculate the projected return on investors equity (ROE) at end of quarter six (Q6) and explain the beneficial effect that this return would have for a venture capitalist investor.

2. Calculate a valuation of the company and explain how you came to that valuation.

Note: You should include, within your valuation, any financial data that you use to justify your valuation, such as statement of cash flows, balance sheet, income statement, and stock history report, which can all be exported from within the simulation. You may copy and paste the information directly into the stockholder report template.

Analyze the beginning and ending cash positions from your statement of cash flows from quarter seven (Q6) for each of the following:

• cash flow from operating activities

• cash flow from investing activities

• cash flow from financing activities


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