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You work at TalkBox, a company that develops and supports software solutions for workforce collaboration. Its vendors include a number of multinational corporations in English-speaking companies. TalkBox is considered a technology, media, and telecom (TMT) sector business, which has just completed its fifth year and is thus barely out of the start-up phase. It recently realized its business practices may not be fully aligned with its ethical and legal vision, given that it had been struggling simply to succeed as a nascent business.

As a candidate for the position of director of social responsibility at TalkBox, you’ve been asked to create a FAQ sheet, fact sheet, or tip sheet that would establish the vision for social responsibility at this blossoming company.


Your FAQ sheet should include the following:

  • Analysis of socially responsible digital communications
    • Identify socially responsible practices in the communications profession
    • Note the absence or presence of coverage as a function of social responsibility
    • Discuss corporations’ motivations in regard to social responsibility
  • Explanation of the social responsibility of vetting sources and verifying facts before reporting and publication
    • Explain using reputable sources
    • Explain checking facts with multiple sources
  • Explanation of the repercussions of giving erroneous information
    • Explain ethical repercussions, including an example
    • Explain legal repercussions, including an example
  • Description of the implications of the instantaneous digital environment
    • Assess positive impacts
    • Assess negative impacts
  • Description of practices of communications that show compassion for diverse audiences
    • Describe practical guidelines

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