How is Diversity in the Media perceived in nursing

I really don’t have time to watch T.V., listen to the radio or go to the theater BUT at times I do have the T.V. on for background noise. During one of these times while doing homework in the evening I caught an episode of The Neighborhood produced by Patrick Kienlen and created by Jim Reynolds. This a 30-minute sitcom starring Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield about a Caucasian family – The Johnson’s move from a small-town Michigan to a large metropolitan area Los Angles. The area they move into is primary black. They moved into a tough neighborhood and next to the Butler family. This family is not tolerable of the new Caucasian family. While the Johnson’s wanting to be neighborly the Butler’s a weary of the Johnsons. The new family to the neighborhood attempts many ways to connect with the neighbor and finds at times it’s very difficult. The two groups represented in this sitcom are African American and Caucasian’s.  The Johnson’s represent the media’s typical family and the Butler’s represent an African American family in an all African American Family.

I found a particular episode interesting. “The Neighborhood” First Look: “Barbershop Roots.” Mr. Johnson needs a haircut and finds himself at an all African American barbershop. Many of the men in attendance of the establishment are in awe of Mr. Johnson (Dave) and Mr. Butler (Calvin) is not to happy that HIS African American establishment has been taken over by Dave. Dave is accepted by Calvin’s friends as if he was African American. Before you know it, Calvin is being offered special deals from others at the barbershop like stolen socks, etc. Calvin is perturbed and wants his barbershop all to himself without infiltration of his Caucasian neighbor. Calvin often makes comments about the neighborhood being ruined with the new neighbors. While Dave is just trying to fit in and is oblivious of the separation of the two diverse groups of people. The unintended social message of this sitcom is the presence of the difference in the race of Caucasian and African Americans. Both races have different acceptance between each other and their territory here on Earth in their communities.

The social implication of this T.V. show is understanding the difficulties between the two different races related to acceptance. The underlying message here is that both races can live among each other once they accept each other as equal. The stereotype of black verses white or vice versa could be obsolete. In the media, they typically portray African Americans as tough and unapproachable when actually they are easily approached as Caucasians. This is portrayed in this sitcom in most of the episodes. Calvin and his family eventually warm up to the Johnsons. This show portrays a message that both races can and will like each other when given a chance.

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