The topic of my thesis is the following “”How Dodd­Frank ACT a?ected Credit Risk Ratings and

behaviour of the credit rating agencies”

The things I would like you to include are:

1)What changes did Dodd Frank act brought

2)See how the documentation of Credit Rating Agencies changed after 2010

3)Analyze Mitigation Matrix before and after DF act. See if there were rapid shifts.

4)Create matrix with the Odds for all the rates before and after DF.

5)See if there were specific sectors that suffered more from the act.

Check the following hypotheses:

6)Hypothesis that DF improved the quality of Credit Rating

7)Hypothesis that DF have adverse e?ect on quality of Credit Rating

Also include:

8)See what else could have caused the changes except from DF

9)How penalties can lead to loss of information

10)How stock market reacted to DF act

11)What could be changed in the future to increase the effectiveness of this act.

would like to have some statistics inside, not just words. Put some

formulas related to credit risk etc. It needs to include nice TABLES with data, and also some GRAPHS.


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