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Consider one of the following questions, and respond to it in a thoughtful discussion board post:

1) How did the growing African slave trade affect African nations that did not border the Atlantic Ocean, such as Ethiopia?

2) How was the slave trade different from traditional types of slavery in Africa and/or earlier slave trading involving Arab traders in East Africa?

3) Chapter 16 discussed the Columbian Exchange. How does the Atlantic Economy build on those concepts?

4) How did slavery and the Enlightenment interact?

No matter which question you choose to answer, your response should be at least 5 sentences in length.

Then, complete this afterwards: One of the famous people of the eighteenth century who was a slave is Olaudah Equiano (1745-1797). Equiano was kidnapped at age 11 and sold into slavery. He wrote an autobiography that, for many European readers, was their first firsthand account of the horrors of slavery.

Equiano’s autobiography is in the public domain and widely available online. Please go to this website to access an online version of his autobiography: https://ia800209.us.archive.org/22/items/theinterestingna15399gut/15399-h/15399-h.htm, Once you are there, scroll down to the table of contents, then choose one of the following chapters to read: II (2), III (3), V (5), or VII (7).

Choose the 2 most important or interesting parts of the chapter you chose. Copy them into a Word document (.doc or .docx) and explan why you think each of the 2 is important.

An example (from an unassigned chapter) is attached to show you what the format I want is.

The assignment is worth up to 15 points. To earn all 15 points make sure your response includes two passages from the same chapter, and your thoughtful response to each of the 2; your response should also have an appropriately academic tone and be grammatically correct. Since you are using the source I’ve assigned, I am not requiring citations for this assignment. Each response should be at least 4 sentences long.

Equiano Journal Example.docx


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