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1- The Mycenaean Age was followed by the Classical Age.

2- Greek women were expected to be monogamous.

3- Trading culture on Crete predated the arrival of the Mycenaeans.

4- Minoan culture lasted from 2000 bce to

1000 bce

100 bce

1500 bce

1800 bce

5- The Greek Dark Age gave way to the

New era

Greek empire

Hellenic era

Archaic period

6- The Hippocratic oath marked the onset of new physicians’ careers.

7- The Athenian democracy was created by





8- The years from 1600 bce to 1200 bce are known as the Mycenaean Age

9- Greek democracy was fully democratic in the modern sense.

10- During the Dark Age, Greek communities began to refer to themselves as poleis.

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