– Define the problem
– The level of the problem; Macro & Micro.
– What are the factors that affect the Macro & Micro?
– What is the medical services dimensions that theorize the problem?
– What is the level of the problem at the pyramid of the healthcare (there are 3 levels)?
What is the healthcare organizations that are being influenced by the problem?
– Is the problem affecting the public or private sector or both?
– Apply the healthcare scheme on the problem (Inputs, Outputs, Process and feedback)
– Should the person who is hiring the nurses be from the same field of nursing or have a managerial background?
– What is the suitable scheme which would solve the problem?
– Is there an unofficial way to solve the problem?
– What are the obstacles that you might encounter while helping to solve the problem?
– Choose a proper medical technique that would help to solve the problem.

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