1. Critically discuss ‘law and ethics’ in terms of its impact on professional practice (working with a service user group of your choice).

    You must focus on the following Learning Outcomes:

    – Critically apply moral theories, values and principles to guide your future practice.
    – Evaluate your own ethical principles and values and compare and contrast them with professional practice.
    – Differentiate between legal and ethical issues.
    – Analyse how the law regulates what you do in professional practice.
    – Evaluate the impact of some of the most pertinent laws to your field of study.

    You should include:

    1. A definition of key terms
    2. The importance of law and Ethics
    3. What is deontology, utilitarian, virtue ethics and contrast deontology and utilitarian 
    4. Describe what is ethics and value laws
    5. Look at relevant Act related to the chosen service user
    6. Include 5- 10 dilemmas
    7. Codes of practice

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