You have been newly employed as the director of the human resources department of a North-East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT). As part of your responsibilities, you have been tasked with devising a recruitment strategy to address the staff shortage the hospital is facing. In this vein, your board has asked you to first consider the impact of BREXIT and the recent budget cuts, by the government, on healthcare funding and staff recruitment and retention on the trust. Based on this case scenario, attempt the following task:

Question 1: Discuss how best to plan and manage human and financial resources for the best service users’ outcome in your trust. Key aspects to include in your report are:

• An understanding of the concepts of resource planning.

• Reference to the environment in which health and social care operates.

• The importance of effective planning that takes into consideration: what we are trying to do, how we are going to do it and do what we will need in order to achieve it.

• The need for a systematic process of business planning for examining an organisation and its environment in order to best allocate resources to meet service demand in the most appropriate way.

• The importance of the ‘third sector’ or voluntary sector/community sector (also non-profit sector or ‘not-for-profit’ sector).

• Effective resource management and good budgeting skills.

• Support your report with appropriate and properly cited academic references with a reference list.

Part 1 must be structured using the format above: containing a title page, executive summary and the response to question 1.

Part 2
(2,000 words- 65% mark) (Question 2: 2a)

Discuss how resources management could be made more effective through planning in North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

2b) Briefly analyse 3 sources of Health and Social Care funding and their impact on staff and NELFT in general.

i) Consider NELFT’s short-term, medium-term and long-term developmental goals.

Key aspects to include in this part of your report (part 2) are:
• Resources are central to the management process: they have a limited supply but are the means to attain goals and meet demands for individuals and for families in a broader society.

• Explain the relationship between planning and management of resources and the performance of the individual, the team and the organisation.

• Discuss accountability and responsibility in relation to the appropriate use of resources.

• Budgetary restrictions in the current fiscal climate.

• Explain financial risk.

• Identify the factors that can influence the decision-making process when managing healthcare funding.

• Support your report with appropriate and properly cited academic references with a reference list.

Part 2 must reflect the information highlighted above and should contain a title page, and response to question 2. Students may choose to submit this in a Microsoft word document.

The word count excludes the title page, executive summary (in Part 1), reference list and appendices.

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