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Friday, January Ninth, 2004Physical Health- This was not my very best physical health week. I didnt exercise at all (other than when I ran with my twenty pound back pack from Math to Symphonic Band; boy that is hard!!!). But I didnt eat anything bad either. However, still this was one of my worst weeks. I hope to improve over this journal entry time. To do this, I will try to exercise on the weekends as much as I can, and run around my block if I get all of my school homework finished. Social Health- My social health was better this week than it was last week. Sunday I had my friend Tres Board over and on Monday I had Kevin Shepard over. I didnt take too long on my home work, so I had more time to talk with my family and had many all together family dinners where all of my family had dinner together. I feel very, very fortunate for that.

Emotional Health- Yes!!! Finally it is Friday. This Saturday, I am going to go dirt bike riding with my Dad my brothers Joe and Judge, my friend Nick Martin, and his brother Maclean (we all received new Yamaha dirt bikes for Christmas this year). So far, we have gone about three times. My dad also received a new dirt bike for Christmas. We will see how good it is. It is just like mine except it is a 250cc not a 125cc engine. Our dirt bikes are both Yamahas.

Intellectual Health- I learned how to finish my homework quickly this week. All you have to do is immediately sit down when you get home because you are in that school work mood and dont talk to anyone while you are working. Once you are done, you can have fun and do what you want to!!!Friday, January Sixteenth, 2004 Physical Health- This was a better physical health week than last week. I ran with my mom on Sunday around the lake. I ran the lake without stopping, which I found surprising because I have not run in soooooooo long. I think my last run was three weeks ago. I plan to run with my mom on Sunday next week too.

Social Health- This weekend I am going to go Boy Scout camping with a lot of my friends. Some of the friends I am going to be with are Tres Board, and Eliot Goodman. Also, right after I go camping, I am going to have a friend from my old school, Patrick, over. Monday I am going over to my friend Emmett Mirankers house.

Emotional Health- OH YEAH!!! I am going to have the greatest weekend. I have already said briefly what I am going to do but now the details. I am going camping until two o clock Sunday. After that, I am having my friend Patrick over to play at my house, go to church, religious education, and then out to eat. Then Monday (wait a three day weekend!!!) I am going over to Emmetts house to do stuff; I dont know what yet. I hope we hike down his river and go see the abandoned tractor in the woods. I dont know how it got there. It looks like someone just drove it into the woods and left it there I dont know why anyone would do that, because tractors are not cheap. I am SO PUMPED!!!Intellectual Health- This week I learned not to ask my Mom for study help if she is hard at work or busy. If you do, she may blow up in your face. My mom is very, very, very nice its just she is human, and gets stressed out like the rest of us humans do. Also last weekend I went dirt biking and I learned how to switch from first gear, to second gear, to third gear and so on.

Friday, January twenty third, 2004Physical Health- This weekend I went camping; all we really did is run around the whole time. After that, I ran with my mom on Sunday. I ran around the block on Wednesday. My block is about a one and a half mile loop. Social Health- I am going to have my friend over today. His name is David Muradian and again I am so excited. My dad says that we may go dirt bike riding at a ranch. My dad leases land to the man that runs the ranch. The man is very nice. He will let us go dirt biking at the ranch, and even says that he may make trails with his four-wheeler (also known as an ATV).

Emotional Health- Today I did very well on my math test. It had two parts. We got the first part back today and I did not miss one thing. We started on the second part and I thought I did very well. But, before seventh period I asked how I did, and I got a one hundred!!!Intellectual Health- As you already know, I went camping this weekend it was a camporee. It was one of the worst campouts of the year (luckily we only do it every two years, the other year we go to Big Bend), but all of my friends were there so it was fun. Okay, here comes the intellectual part. During the campout we reviewed how to tie knots, use a compass to find our way around, first aid, fire making, cooking without using utensils (cooking with utensils is bad enough, but with out utensils who knows what could have happened!!!), lashing, and bow saw cutting relay. After we reviewed the material we went out to a big field and performed those events in different ways such as instead of just lashing poles, we had to lash a chariot so that it could hold at least one boy and carry him about ten feet without breaking apart. Monday, February second, 2004Physical Health- Last weekend, I went bike riding to Town Lake, around Town Lake, and back to my house, in all about eleven miles. Also, I went dirt biking the day before the bike ride to Town Lake. I was still sore so that when I was bike riding the eleven miles I really got a big workout because I was so sore.

Social Health- Friday, I went to a monster truck, ATV, and dirt biking race with my family (all except for my mom because she is not into that kind of stuff). In addition to my family, we also went with Joes friend Maclean and his dad. We went last year, but there was dirt biking freestyle instead of monster truck freestyle. In monster truck freestyle the track managers lay out three broken down cars and the monster trucks crush them. We talked a lot and it was tons of fun.

Emotional Health- Well, too bad it is Monday again, but in five days it will be Friday. But for now I have to worry about grades, upcoming tests, and quizzes, and it definitely puts you down. But this weekend, I want to have a friend over and maybe ride down to Chipotle and eat. (Freebirds is better, but we have to ride on Bee Caves to get there and that is too dangerous.) After eating, we could maybe look around the shopping center.

Intellectual Health-I learned more about dirt biking this weekend. I went on a trail ride and learned that first gear is the most powerful gear over all the other gears because it produces the most revs and is best to help you get up steep hills. I also learned how to get air on a type of jump called a tabletop. Pretty soon, I may be jumping in the air thirty feet. (I wish). Well, there is more than just that that I learned. I also learned how to stand up on the seat when riding through rough terrain, and it helps A LOT. I am not half as sore as I was when I didnt stand on the seat.Friday, February sixth, 2004Physical Health- Last weekend I again went bike riding to Town Lake, around Town Lake, and back. It was an eleven-mile ride and was very, very, very hard. I went around the lake with my entire family (not including my dog Lily). Maybe instead of bike riding to the lake we could walk Lily to the lake, around the lake, and back home that way my dog would not bark for the whole day!!! Social Health- This weekend I am going camping with boy scouts again. We are going somewhere our troop has never been before. My friends Tres Board and Eliot Goodman are going to be there too.

Emotional Health- I am so excited that I am going camping this weekend with all of my friends. It will be the very first time my troop has been there the troop leaders say it is very pretty and are already talking about going there next year, even though they had never been there before. All I know is that we will be hiking about five miles to the campsite. We are training for the big Costa Rica trip (to our troop if we say five miles it will probably be eight and if we say one mile it will be two miles, we can never get that right). But anyways I am VERY excited.

Intellectual Health- This week at boy scouts I learned how to pack a hiking back-pack better than before. A boy named Farris Bissex walked up to the front, and did a skills instruction about how to pack backpacks. He said that you always should have the weight on the top of your pack so you can have a better balance point. I dont know how that helps, but anything that makes my twenty pound back pack feel lighter I am willing to try!!!

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