Health Interview with my volunteer patient

· Female patient 29 years old height 5’6.

· She’s a full time teacher at a local community college.

· Broke her leg by tearing her ACL muscle back in September 2012 after playing tennis with fracture to femur. Had surgery, by performing a Patella Repair that following December and had to use a CPM machine for a month. Physical therapy to follow for 6 months after. In that time gained 100lbs with her highest weight at 287lbs.

· Had abnormal cyst with tumor in it in left kidney. Was 2cm in march 2019 and grew to 8.1cm by august. Had partial Nephrectomy surgery in October 2019

· Had Gastric By Pass Surgery mid December 2019 helping her to lose weight with current weight at 194lbs. Has surgical scars on abdomen. She engages in yoga 4 times a week, plays tennis 3x a week go to gymnastics 2x a week.

· No smoking history or drinking.

· Drinks lots of protein shakes and takes daily vitamins. And drinks A liter of water daily.

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