Role of the nurse does not only include to administer medications. It is vital to develop a sensitivity to each patient and treat them as an individual. This is a specific of nursing that each case is unique and requires individual approach. Providing care to people of different ages, culture and socioeconomic backgrounds, it is vital to have knowledge of their differences and preferences.

Relevant and Meaningful Service within the Community

Our presentation was very successful and engaging with the registered nurses of Holy Cross Hospital, on September 27th, 2019, located at 4725 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The presentation included discussion of the effective communication methods which influence professionals in the provision of quality care to the elderly. Besides that, information about the community resources for the elderly and people with disabilities was provided. These goals were to be reached through two objectives: selecting communication strategies that foster intra-and interdisciplinary team effort to provide quality health care delivery to the elderly, as well as examine community resources available to the disabled older adult in a selected local and global community. This activity was aimed to deliver this knowledge and information to the nurses with different positions and educational backgrounds.

Enhanced Academic Learning

During our activity, the registered nurses of Holy Cross Hospital realized the importance and significance of appropriate communication strategies and methods that promote intra-and interdisciplinary intentions to perform quality health care delivery to the elderly. The following information was presented for this purpose. Communication is one of the essential tools that nurses should master when working with older people and other members of the interdisciplinary team in ensuring quality health care delivery to the elderly.

One of the purposes of excellent communication patient-nurse (intra-disciplinary performance) is to make sure that the patients understand their health situation, the options for treatment, and the importance of being part of every medical decision. Strategies such as the establishment of a therapeutic relationship, clear verbal communication, and non-verbal communication are critical when communicating with the elderly. Also, nurses should be aware of any nonverbal expressions such as dislike gestures, boring looks, and body movements that can be interpreted as a lack of respect. Other strategies that are useful when communicating with the elderly are to be at eye level, meet in quiet place ith, no distractions, and have a short educational section, which is more effective at this age. Ask questions or use teach-back strategies to make sure the subject was understood (Tabloski, 2014, Chapter 2).

On the other hand, interdisciplinary communication is a critical part, as well. Strategies to achieve excellent interdisciplinary communication such as medical peer meetings to share treatment plan is beneficial to work together. Also, constant reports and reviews of treatment, clear and specific recording of treatment, responses, and difficulties helps to determine changes in procedures or a better approach. Accountability is also essential to keep every member involved in the treatment of the patient responsible for every action, and in many cases, to be able to correct inappropriate treatment (Tabloski, 2014, Chapter 3).

When discussing the community resources for the disabled in Florida following information was presented. Florida has aging and disability resource centers that are focused on helping people that are above the age of 60 and have disabilities. The resource centers also care for the people who take care of the elderly and offer aid to the individuals that are committed to assisting. They provide aid on a variety of issues such as shelter, home care to meals, transportation as well as other vital areas of concern. These services are contracted through local agencies such as the council of aging. The services are targeted to reach those that are in the highest social and economic need. The resource centers in Florida provide the adults with care on issues such as legal support, counseling services as well as adult dare care. They also offer specialized medical supplies and make home modifications. They build a ramp for wheelchair access. They also help them in finding local foods ad connecting them to the additional needed resources.

There are eleven Aging and Disability Resource Centers in the state of Florida. They ensure that people who are visually impaired to achieve equality of access, thus ensuring that they maintain freedom of choice in their lives (Tabloski, 2014). These individuals with developmental disabilities receive aid from the resource centers that purpose to assist in identifying their needs and the funding sources. The above information was understood and appreciated by the staff nurses of Holy Cross Hospital.

Critical Thinking

This activity allowed to research and learn about different types of communication that influence team effort within a given facility as well as communication with other organization to deliver quality and safe care for elderly population. It provided an opportunity to apply researched information and implement critical thinking by teaching nurses of Holy Cross Hospital. Examining the resources for disabled older adults helped us to discover the availability of help within the community. Since nurses are members of the community it was constructive to learn this information and to be able to share with our fellow nurses at Holy Cross Hospital.

Purposeful Civic Learning and Reflection

Being a student of the RN to BSN program and being able to present other nurses about health and social services to the elderly assisted us in realizing the importance of proper communication and availability of community resources, which in turn results in quality and care provision for the elderly and elderly with disabilities. This activity proved again how important further education and training for nursing personnel. This presentation connected dots between theory and practice; audience was able to express their concerns and learn new information about the topic. The staff of Holy Cross actively engaged in this activity and gratefully appreciated the new knowledge delivered as they do provide care for elderly and strive for improvement for their patients and their families.

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