2500 words + search strategy table (example attached – please use the headings). 

The search strategy is included in the word count. 

A critical review of literature, focused on a topic of your choice relating to practice; to include research literature from both your own profession and/or other health and social care professions. 

The purpose of a critical review is to critically appraise the methodologies of a number of research paper; with a view to developing evidence-based practice. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of research by reviewing a number of primary researcher studies relevant to an aspect of health or social care practice. 

Using and evaluating evidence to inform practice-qualitative and quantitative research.

Use 3 journals no older than 10 years. 

Subject: Emotional affects on children with learning disabilities in mainstream school as opposed to specialist schools.

Please include graphics, tables, diagrams (referenced).

Please comment on: 
– Research aims, questions or hypothesis
– Research approach/design
– Ethical issues
– Sampling
– Data collection
– Data analysis
– Findings
– Generalisability
– Implications for practice and usefulness. 

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