Select a suitable topic (ie, one relevant to your programme of study) and using the University online journal collection, identify a minimum of 6 refereed journal articles* on that topic. Summarise the contents of these articles and critically evaluate them in the context of your chosen topic. Do not discuss the articles in isolation. Draw conclusions and if appropriate, make recommendations. 

Extra marks will be awarded for the inclusion of additional journal articles and/or other suitable sources. 

* Refereed journal articles are articles published after they have been reviewed by other scientists, knowledgeable in the field of inquiry, to determine whether the studies they describe are of reasonable quality and the conclusions reported are supported by evidence. Reputable scientific journals use a process of peer review before accepting a paper for publication. You can access such articles through the University of Greenwich Library databases and Electronic Information Resources. 

General Instruction 

Submissions should be a maximum of 2,000 words and a word count must be included. 

All assignments must be submitted electronically using the Turnitin plagiarism service through Moodle (even where a hard copy is required by your local centre). In the Moodle course, click on the Assignment folder; Assignment Submission; identify and click the correct assignment link and then follow the instructions. 

There are a number of centres offering this programme so you must ensure you submit in the correct folder or your assignment may not be marked. 

You may also be required to submit a hard copy to your local centre. Your local centre will tell you whether or not a hard copy is required to be submitted. Assignments will not be marked unless submitted electronically. 

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