Growіng thе brаnd through Attаckіng its
• Develop а case example to illustrate point above
– Can be from any country
– Must be from fashion and be a brand (not a product)
• Use data to support your case
Spend no more than 20% of your case outlining
the idea and what it involves
Pick a case to research
• Research can be via
– Primary sources (interviews)
– Secondary sources (desk and online based
– You must cite your sources carefully
• Your case must be a brand, but
– It can be focused on any user
– If you examine a product, campaign, retail design
etc you must relate this back to a brand concept
Good Things To Do
• Try and personalize your case by idenCfying key characters, be it
managers, CEO’s, designers, users etc (don’t just say “the
manager”, find out who they are and use their name it)
• Use mulCple sources (primary and secondary or lots of secondary)
• Tell a coherent story that is logically structured and engaging
• Do not let theory be “the star”, use your data to highlight theory (as
a guide, two introducCon paragraphs idenCfying what you will
focus on and what the structure is, and one to two at end
highlighCng the key take-aways, the rest is your case)
• Proof it so that it is free from errors
• Use images, video links, anything that makes it more engaging
• Start early and do it on something (theory and case) that you are
interested in

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