The accompanying geological map (Map 1) shows the area in which it is proposed to construct a new highway whose centre line is shown (A-A). The carriageway will be at a level of 90m above Ordnance Datum, there will be no change in elevation along this section of the road. Borehole logs from two points along the road are also included (Figures 1 and 2)
Produce a report, illustrated with appropriate geological section(s) and any other figures you consider useful, that describes:
a) the geology of the area making reference to the origin of the rocks identified;
b) the possible problems that the geology may pose for the construction of the highway and associated structures such as embankments, bridges or cuttings and propose methods to improve their engineering properties; and
c) classify possible geological sources of materials within the map area which could be used in the construction of the highway and its associated structures.
Map 1
Date: 11/03/2016Location: South Rd, FliptonSheet 1SPTNTop soil0.5mSANDSTONEStiff dark brown fissured CLAY with flints 2.3mDark grey MUDSTONE12.1mClient: T&Y PartnershipJob No : C7452BH1Boring Method: Cable PercussiveDescriptionDepthLegend
Figure 1
Date: 11/03/2016Location: South Rd, FliptonSheet 1SPTNTop soil0.5mFissile SANDSTONEMedium dense sandy GRAVEL 3.3m35Dark grey weathered MUDSTONE8.7mDepthLegendClient: T&Y PartnershipJob No : C7452BH2Boring Method: Cable PercussiveDescription
Figure 2
Geotechnics and Engineering Geology MOD002259SID NumberGeology ReportMarks availableMarks achievedCommentsPart a) Origin of each rock present in area described15Profile drawn, dip direction and angle calculated12Possiblegeologicalstructureidentifiedanddiscussed(sketches)8Partb)Problemswithsuperficialdepositsandrocksdiscussed(intermsofbearingcapacity,strength,compressibility,cutting,stability,compactioncharacteristicsetc.)Implicationsofthegeologicalstructure(age,dipetc.).Atleast3methodsproposedto improve properties. 20Partc)cutandfillmaterials,aggregatesources,drainage materials.20Referencing 5Presentation(writtenin3rdpersonpassive,diagramswithfigurenumbersreferredtointext,logicalstructure, spell checked, readable)20100

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