Students will complete a project that will involve a fictional client case. This paper will demonstrate the student’s social work knowledge, skills, and values by taking the case through the steps of the Generalist Intervention Model (GIM). Cases will be posted on D2L. The project is to be written in APA Style 6th Edition, 12-14 pages in length, not including title page, abstract, reference page(s), and any appendices.

Select one of the three case studies and apply the knowledge gained about the Generalist Intervention Model. In this paper, the student will demonstrate understanding of social work knowledge, skills, values, and the planned change process. The student is the social worker for the case.

The case study will provide some information about the client system. The student will need to think both creatively and critically while applying the planned change process of the GIM to the case.

Research an area agency similar to the one in chosen case and use that information to inform how the social worker in the agency related to the client case might practice social work and what agency policies, rules and regulations might apply. Cite this research in the body of the paper and on the reference page.

Research a minimum of three relevant empirical sources that address the issue/problem presented in case and incorporate the research into the plan for the client. Cite this research in the body of the paper and on the reference page.

Remember that each step of the GIM has sub-steps and that micro, mezzo, and macro levels must be considered as student discusses how knowledge, skills and values will be used to work with the client and develop a planned change process.

Identify any ethical dilemmas or issues that may arise and demonstrate how such dilemmas or issues could be addressed.


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