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General Instructions:

Write in FULL sentences but feel free to use headings and/or bullet points when appropriate • Be concise! The word counts are just a guideline so you have an idea of how long a comprehensive answer will likely be. • Always answer EACH part of the question – indicate with (a), (b), or (c) when appropriate to make it clear what part of the question you are answering.

The question:

You have been asked to teach a group of junior high students about how gender influences sexuality and sexual behaviour in relationships. Given what you learned in this course in section 3, write a lecture to the class.

I will attach what class lectures and a video of the section

the two topics below to address in your lecture. For each topic: (a) indicate your topic with a heading, (b) be specific about what information about gender you would tell the students and (c) make it clear why you think this information is important for students to know. That is, how can this information help them better understand themselves or their own experiences? What do you think the students really need to know about the role that gender plays in these areas?

• Dating • Friends with benefits relationships

Note that your class of junior high students consists of all genders – male, female and other. Your goal is to educate ALL students, regardless of gender, about the information that applies not just to themselves but to those of a different gender so they can be well-informed. A well-thought out response should be approximately 300-400 words in total (i.e., around 150 words per topic.).

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