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Situations for the role play could include: * Buying a train or bus ticket * Asking for directions * Shopping * Making enquiries about lost property * Making a reservation in a hotel or campsite. You may have to discuss the following and will be given information to guide your response: * your work experience * your region * your hobbies “Pourriez-vous repeter la question s’il vous plait? ” = Could you repeat the question please? “Je ne sais pas” = I don’t know “Je ne comprends pas” = I don’t understand To answer some questions you may have to fill in: * a form * Blanks in a piece of text.

For others, you may have to write: * a message * a postcard * a diary * a letter * An article for a magazine. Try to include different tenses if possible. You may be asked about what you did last weekend (past tense); try to add if you’ll do the same thing next weekend (future tense). Make lists of phrases you could include to boost your mark. E. g. apres avoir + past participle = after having… venir de + infinitive = to have just… depuis with present tense = for… Il faut / On devrait … + infinitive = You should… About the school 1. Comment s’appelle ton ecole? What is your school called?

Reponse: Mon ecole s’appelle… My school is called… 2. Decris ton college. Describe your school. Reponse: Mon college est… My school is… | Il y a … eleves. There are … pupils. | Les batiments sont… The buildings are… | Voici des exemples: Mon college est assez grand. My school is quite big. | Il y a 800 eleves en tout. There are 800 pupils altogether. | Les batiments sont modernes et bien equipes. The buildings are modern and well equipped. | 3. Parle-moi d’une journee typique au college. Tell me about a typical day at school. Reponse: Les cours commencent a… Lessons begin at…

Les cours finissent a… Lessons end at… | Les cours durent… Lessons last… La recre commence a… Breaktime begins at… | A midi je mange a la cantine / a la maison. At midday I eat in the canteen / at home. lessons1. Quelle est ta matiere preferee? Pourquoi? What is your favourite subject? Why? Reponse: Ma matiere preferee est… parce que… My favourite subject is… because… Voici des exemples: La matiere que je prefere est la biologie. My favourite subject is biology. Le prof explique bien le sujet et il est tres gentil. The teacher explains the subject well and is very nice.

Je m’interesse a la nature et a l’environnement. I am interested in nature and the environment. Dans l’avenir j’espere etre chercheur. In the future I would like to be a researcher. 2. Tu etudies le francais depuis quand? How long have you been studying French? Reponse: J’etudie le francais depuis… I have been studying French for… Voici des exemples: J’etudie le francais depuis cinq ans. I have studied French for five years. J’ai commence les cours de francais a l’age de onze ans. I started French lessons when I was eleven. 3. Que peut-t-on faire comme activites sportives ou musicales?

What sports or music activities are there to do? Reponse: On peut faire… You can do… | On peut jouer… You can play… | Voici des exemples: On peut jouer dans une equipe de sport ou chanter dans la chorale. You can play in a sports team or sing in the choir. Il y a aussi des clubs de danse et des arts dramatiques. There are also dance and drama clubs. Future1. Qu’est-ce que tu esperes faire l’annee prochaine? What do you hope to do next year? Reponse: L’annee prochaine j’espere… Next year I hope… | L’annee prochaine je voudrais… Next year I would like… |

Voici des exemples: L’annee prochaine j’espere continuer avec les etudes. Next year I hope to continue with my studies. Je voudrais etudier les sciences. I would like to study science. Je vais quitter le college et je chercherai un emploi. I am going to leave school and I will look for a job. 2. Que feras-tu comme carriere? What do you plan for your career? Reponse: Comme carriere je voudrais travailler… As a career, I would like to work… | Je travaillerai comme… I intend to work as… | Voici des exemples: Comme carriere je voudrais travailler dans le commerce / dans l’informatique.

As a career I would like to work in business / in I. T. Je travaillerai comme medecin / coiffeuse / instituteur / institutrice. I intend to work as a doctor / hairdresser / nurse (male) / nurse (female). About familyParents1. Comment s’appellent tes parents? What are your parents called? Reponse: Ma mere s’appelle… My mother is called… | Mon pere s’appelle… My father is called… | 2. Que font tes parents dans la vie? What do your parents do? Reponse: Ma mere est… My mum is a… Ma mere travaille comme… My mum works as a… Mes parents ne travaillent pas. My parents don’t work. | Mon pere est…

My dad is a… Mon pere travaille comme… My dad works as a… Mon pere est au chomage. My mum is unemployed. | Je n’ai pas de freres ou soeurs. Je suis enfant unique. I have no brothers or sisters. I am an only child. 1. Est-ce que tu t’entends bien avec ton frere? Do you get on well with your brother? Est-ce que tu t’entends bien avec tes freres? Do you get on well with your brothers? | Est-ce que tu t’entends bien avec ta soeur? Do you get on well with your sister? Est-ce que tu t’entends bien avec tes soeurs? Do you get on well with your sisters? | Reponse: Je m’entends bien avec… car / parce que…

I get on well with… because… Je ne m’entends pas bein avec… car / parce que… I don’t get on well with… because… Voici des exemples: Je ne m’entends pas avec mon frere car il est embetant et casse-pieds! I don’t get on well with my brother because he is annoying and irritating! Je m’entends tres bien avec mes soeurs parce qu’elles sont tres marrantes et sympas. I get on well with my sisters because they’re very funny and nice. Quelquefois nous entendons bien mais de temps en temps nous disputons. Sometimes we get on well together but from time to time we argue. http://www. gcse. com/french/index. htm|

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