There are 6 questions that need to be answered. See the attached Task. 

Example: Q1. Can any of the suspects be eliminated? Explain your reasoning in detail. 

Each of these questions should give around a 10 point explanation revolving around why we chose this answer. Estimated 300 words per question.

The questions 1 ,2 and 4:

The answers should be taken from a Gene mark program which has the figures (profiles) that include evidence analysis. So we need to make matching to these evidences that corresponding to the suspects. The customer has printed out all results (figures) from Gene mark program to the word. If you want the program, the customer will send it for you. The customer has attached the PowerPoint lectures that include a practice to these questions as it will help to make a good explanation.

The question (3).
Please follow the link to the OmniPop program (Excel sheets attached in file ‘Task’) which has the Loci required to calculate the Match Probabilities for the coursework. NB a full profile will be “capped” at 1 in 1 billion, but you can calculate what the software will give. Use any of the population databases, but state which one you use.

The question (5). 
(explanation) This one doesn’t need to do calculation just we could look to profiles above or give a general example.

The question (6).
It is just research (current studies) does not necessary relates to these profiles above. It is about results of incidental transfer.

Do you have official coursework guidelines

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