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Be sure to answer ALL parts of the question. Each question will require thoughtful consideration and several sentences to fully communicate your responses. I’m not looking for “correct” answers, I’m looking for thoughtful reflection and application of the course readings.

1. Based on your Chapter 2 readings about the various theories used to explain criminal behavior. Which do you think best explains why someone may choose to pursue sex work. Consider individual-level reasons (biology/psychology), social reasons (learned behavior, social control), and environmental reasons (lack of legitimate job opportunities in community, lack of skills to obtain legitimate occupation) when coming to your conclusion.

2. Tell me why official crime data sources (UCR/NIBRS, NCVS) are not appropriate for collecting data or information you need to study why people may choose to engage in sex work as their profession (consider the types of information these official sources do and do NOT collect)

3. Imagine you are a researcher and tell me how you would go about researching this topic: A) Who would you try to study (i.e. current sex workers, former sex workers, people who are jailed for crimes related to sex work, family members of sex workers?) B) What data collection method would you use (observations, interviews, surveys, etc)? C) If you choose to interview or survey people, what types of questions would you ask? If you are observing people, what behaviors are you wanting to observ

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