Develop a hazard analysis plan (in a report format) for a cooked beef joint served at a hot carvery buffet. The report may include diagrams, however it must include detailed controls and monitoring scheme for all critical hazards encountered during processing. (Maximum 1000 words) 

3. 3. Environmental Protection – (info provided in attachment). 

Write a concise risk assessment report (maximum of 1000 words) that covers each of the following areas: 

(a) Evaluate the air quality data provided for this site, using the reference levels provided, identify the pollutants which are of concern. 

(b) Evaluate the potential impacts of these air pollutants if the proposed development were to go ahead. 

(c) Critically evaluate the potential options that might be implemented to reduce or eliminate atmospheric emissions from traffic? 

4. Occupational Health and Safety – 

Produce a health and safety risk assessment (in tabular format) for the use of stepladders within a small primary school (240 students aged 3-11). The staff within the school include, caterers, a school care taker, teachers, classroom assistants and administrators. (Word count 1000 words) 

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