Need help with my Powerpoint question – I’m studying for my class.

follow the instruction and make ppt. I am doing PUMA. I . also put excel sheet for the data collection of SSM below.

and write down what I should say under the slides as well.


Data, what worked for that brand in terms of engagement, what didn’t work?

We can replicate what they did

Each one will present on performance of brand

Each person has 5 slides

1 slide for FB (graphs)

1 slide for Insta (graphs)

1 slide for Twitter (graphs)

First three to show data only

1 slide, start – continue – stop (what do they need to stop doing, posting at these times? Or certain posts), continue (doing well), what they should start doing based on other sites too

1 slide – example of content on all sites that brand should continue doing, 1 example for all sites (screenshots)

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