Final Project: Energy Modality Paper

First, select one of the following with your instructor’s approval:

  • Healing Touch
Then, write a 3-5 page paper on the energy modality selected. Papers should be written in proper APA format including: Title Page, 12pt. font, New Times Roman, 1 inch margins, double spaced, and include a Reference Page.

The paper should address the following:

  • Clearly describe the energy modality. Describe all components of the selection. Include any history and acceptance of the practice.
  • Discuss the effects that the modality will have on the client.
  • Address the indications and contraindications for the given modality.
  • Consider and explain any license considerations needed to practice in Michigan. Include if there are already therapists practicing this modality in the area. Are CEU’s needed to maintain the practice of the modality?

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