Expectations for Presentation to Target Audience

Students are responsible for making arrangements regarding the time and place of their presentations. A video must be created and uploaded to YouTube for a selected audience to watch online (see video note below). You will need to list the number of participants in attendance and collect evaluation forms (or survey summary) from them at the end of the program.

Students will be required to submit the following for verification:

1. participant roster (just list number of participants or their initials) 2. presentation slides/teaching materials 3. summary of participant evaluation forms or survey summary 4. one page paper summarizing the teaching experience (how many attended, what went well, what needed improvement, and what you could do differently next time) All documents should be in Word (.doc. or .docx) format. * outline and original teaching paper will be providedI WILL MAKE THE VIDEO, JUST NEED 1-4 COMPLETED DUE 12/2/16 AFTERNOON


Objective Content Outline Method of Instruction Time Allotted Resources Method of Evaluation
Following a 20 minute teaching session adult night nurses will be able to:
Document their food intake, physical activity and weight for the week A.      Participants will document types and amount of food and beverages they consume that week.

B.      Document the duration and form of exercise they completed that week.

C.      Understand how to read food labels and measuring utensils.

Discussion 10 minutes A.      Paper and pencil to document responses

B.      Measuring cup, utensils, food labels




Questions and Answers
Recognize cues that prompt overeating

-Stimulus Control

A.      Participants will be taught to store food out of sight

B.      Limit the place they eat to the kitchen or dining room

C.      Refrain from activities while eating(TV, reading, etc)

Lecture 5 minutes Pictures/clip arts Quiz

Teaching Topic


Objective Content Outline Method of Instruction Time Allotted Resources Method of Evaluation  
Monitor thoughts and replace cognitive distortion with rational response Participants will be able restructure their thinking patterns

A.      Develop strategies for high risk situations (vacation, stress)

B.      Plan how to respond from slip ups of new eating behavior


Discussion 5 minutes A.      Worksheet listing concerns prior to discussion


B.      Group Discussion

Observation of participant responses


Design a nutritionally balanced diet Participants will be able to list

A.      Very low calorie diet

B.      Meal replacement

C.      Portion control diet

D.     Low carbohydrate diet


Lecture and Discussion




5 minutes A.      Food Pyramid


B.      Paper and pencil to document responses



Objective Content Outline Method of Instruction Time Allot Resources Method of Evaluation
Assess weight and Health Risk A.      Body Mass Index(BMI)

B.       Waist Circumference

C.      List risk factors for disease and conditions associated with obesity

Demonstration and Lecture 5 minutes A.      Use BMI calculation with app or website

B.      Measure waist circumference with tape measure


Return demonstration

Health Assessment

Monitor weight and Exercise regularly A.       Weigh once a week

B.      150-300 minutes of moderate intensity to prevent weight gain

Instructions 5 minutes A.       Scale

B.       Exercise Equipment

Evaluate Journal log for the week




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