I need an explanation for this Excel question to help me study.

The normal distribution appears in numerous areas in business statistics. One place it resides is in risk analysis. The purpose of this module is to review normal distributions and then apply the normal distribution in a risk analysis situation — a situation which is probabilistic, rather than deterministic or chaotic.

Case 4 is in the /book has been attached on pages 80-85.

It includes a solved problem as an example to follow.

To find the z value, check the z table on page 97.

Solve the case i an excel file, using the excel formulas entered in cells as provided by the PERT sample file PERT SampleFormulas (l have attached the file) please check

Do not write the answer numbers without showing the PERT method or following the step-by-step in the case instructions example provided.

For example: The formula = (a+4*m+b)/6 should be used to calculate the required variables, and not merely typing it as in a word document.

Consult Chapter 4R materials.


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