For this assignment, you are required to devise an original event proposal, based on a scenario of a small scale arts festival in Digbeth, Birmingham. Tasks:

1. Critically identify the range of events and categorise them in line with an academic event typology.

2. Critically evaluate the role of the public, private and voluntary sectors (or a combination) in events provision.

3. Critically evaluate the impacts that events provision can have on visitor perceptions and residents attitudes.

4. Critically identify, and evaluate the planning issues for your chosen event, including venue, theme, programme, entertainments.

5. Critically define the various organisational structures of events teams and apply the structure most suited to your event.

6. Analyse and apply the different marketing techniques your group will consider for the event. Evaluate the potential success of the chosen techniques.

7. Critically explain the financial objectives of your event and possible sources of income, to include sponsorship opportunities 8. Investigate the legal and risk management issues applicable to the event. 9. Analyse the methods you would use to measure the effectiveness of the event

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