Evaluation Method Quiz

Develop the quiz and survey items you plan to use for evaluation of the effectiveness of the education. Look at the objectives and evaluation methods in your teaching plan and make sure you have a question for each one you planned to evaluate with a quiz or survey. The quiz/survey can be developed to be taken online (i.e. with survey monkey) or via pen/paper. It should have at least 5 items (statements or questions).

(45 points – 9 points per item if there are 5 items) It should include at least 3 “quiz” items related to the content from your educational material. The other 2 items can be content-related or opinion-related about the effectiveness of the speaker and teaching materials, or likelihood of implementing EBP. You may email a rough draft to the instructor a couple days before the due date for preliminary feedback. Suggestions below.

Multiple choice or Select-all-that-apply questions

True/False/Not Sure and Likert scale statements can also be used (i.e. strongly agree to strongly disagree). If using True/False or Likert scale items, write a statement ending with a period that the participant can agree or disagree with (do NOT end statements with a question mark)

Self-assessment rating scale (always, sometimes, never).

Skills checklist for return demonstration or expected components for teach-back method.

Open ended (limit it to only 1 open-ended question if you are seeking opinion or attitude)

Make sure that the information you collect is confidential and no patient or nurse identifiers are used (in order to protect rights of human subjects).

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