Assessment: Students will view the video clip and write up a critical analysis of the video clips by relating the subject back to the appropriate readings and discussions in the class. Students must provide a summary of the clip, define and analyze the problem(s) presented, offer at least two alternative solutions to the problems based on the readings and class discussions in an essay format. There is no absolute right or wrong for these evaluations as conceptual skills develop over time. The specific rubrics will be posted on Blackboard and a general requirement of a good video analysis include: 1) Using supporting evidence; 2) Organization, logic and flow of thoughts (Hint: Include: a title, subtitle(s), transitions between paragraphs etc.); 3) Demonstration of sufficient understanding of social science theories from which parallels shall be drawn and applied to the video-clips presented; 4) Quality of presentation – spelling, neatness, format, grammar, corrects form of citation and so on; 5) two-double spaced page using a size 12 Times New Roman font.


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