Choose ONE from the following essay titles

1. Critically evaluate Robinson and Berridge’s Incentive Sensitisation model of drug addiction.

2. Can the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder be explained by the executive dysfunction theory? Evaluate with use of evidence.

3. Kapur claims “The role of dopamine in schizophrenia is one of the few documented and replicated realities in schizophrenia.” Evaluate the strength of evidence for the Howes and Kapur (2009) dopamine theory of schizophrenia.

Assessment criteria

The criteria we will use to mark/grade your work, made clear to you in advance:

The standard NTU grading scheme will be used as the grading framework. The specific criteria for this assignment are as follows:

1. Breadth and/or depth of knowledge and understanding of the chosen biological model/explanation and its anatomy and physiology in relation to psychological function and behaviour

2. Quality of argument (direction, relevance of material, use of evidence, application to theory, discursive/critical edge, level of insight)

3. Structure, organisation and clarity of material (global level)

4. Skills (clarity of writing at a local level, referencing, effective proof reading, adherence to word limit)

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