You are required to evaluate the impact on student learning of a particular teaching resource. This could be either a resource that you have designed or an existing resource/activity.

You should implement the resource/activity in a lesson with a group of students and gather evidence in relation to its effectiveness. Examples of evidence that you might gather includes: student written work, examples of student talk, your observations of student actions and school mentor comments.

You should then evaluate the effectiveness of your resource/activity in terms of promoting student learning and go on to develop some recommendations of how it might be improved. You will be expected to make reference research literature in your evaluation.

You may want to organise your assignment into the following sections:

1. A very brief description of the resource/activity and in what context it was used – subject, level, group, school etc.
2. An explanation of how and why you expected the resource/activity to promote student learning.
3. An evaluation of the resource/activity in the light of the evidence that you have collected and in terms of relevant research literature. How successful was it? This section will form the bulk of this assignment.
4. A summary of your recommendations for improving the resource with a brief rationale for each.

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