Ethics in Global Organizations

Ethics in Global Organizations

Ethics within any organization can truly be a complex issue because there are many factors that affect

organizational ethics, including industry, leadership, policies, laws, regulations, employees, and

overall culture. However, when you add in the idea of a company being global, ethics becomes a bit

more complex, because different cultures have different ideas of what is ethical and what is not.


1) choose two large corporations that conduct operations in other countries.

2) One of the corporations should have a record of strong ethical practices in another country,

3) the other should have a record of unethical practices in another country

4) Create a chart that compares and contrasts the two corporations in terms of their global


a. List all of their similarities and differences, which cause one to have a strong reputation for ethics

and the other a weak reputation for ethics ( 2 pages)

b. write a brief summary that explains how these organizational practices relate to the research

regarding best practices for global ethics.

Total of 6 pages – 7 References (last 5 years)


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