UTI with Antibiotic Sensitivity Makayla Henderson shadow health Transcript

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UTI with Antibiotic Sensitivity Makayla Henderson shadow health Transcript

UTI with Antibiotic Sensitivity Shadow Health Transcript – Transcript

Started: Mar 30, 2020 | Total Time:66 min

Your avatarHi Miss Henderson, My name is danielle, I will be your provider todayGreet
03/30/20 9:47 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonHey.
Your avatarWhat brings you in today?Question
03/30/20 9:47 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI’ve had to pee a lot lately. It burns when I pee, and it looks weird. I thought it would go away on its own, but it hasn’t. So I was like, fine, I need to see someone. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarI’m sorry that you’re experiencing pain and burning during urination. I’ll try to find a medication that will help alleviate these symptoms.Empathize
03/30/20 9:49 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonThanks.
Your avatarHow long have you had these symptoms?Question
03/30/20 9:50 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonThree days ago, I started feeling pretty bad. I kept having to pee, and each time I did, it burned. It was gross, too. The pee looked different. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarany other symptoms?Question
03/30/20 9:51 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOther than the pain and burning, I have a little bit of cramping in my lower abdomen. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarwhere is the pain?Question
03/30/20 9:52 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonIt hurts the most when I pee, right where it comes out. It’s this burning, stinging feeling.
Your avatardo the urine have an odor?Question
03/30/20 9:52 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonIt smells really strong. It’s basically rank. It’s also, like, dark . . . cloudy.
Your avatarhow bad does it hurt (Clarified to How painful is urinating?.)Question
03/30/20 9:53 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonIt burns every time I pee and I am really not OK with how much pain I’m in. I’d call it a 7 out of 10. (Clarified to how painful urinating is.)
Your avatarany factors that make it worse? (Clarified to What aggravates the pain?.)Question
03/30/20 9:54 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonWell, it burns every time I pee, so peeing makes the pain worse, I guess. (Clarified to what makes my pain worse.)
Your avatarwhat do you do to relieve the pain?Question
03/30/20 9:54 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonSince it only burns and stings when I pee, I thought maybe it would hurt less if I didn’t pee so much. I tried drinking less water, but I’m not sure how much good it’s doing.
Your avatarI know that you tried to alleviate your symptoms by not drinking fluids; you should try to stay hydrated by drinking more water and avoiding drinks that irritate the bladder such as soda coffee or alcoholEducate
03/30/20 9:59 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonYeah, OK.
Your avatarWhen was the last date of intercourse (Clarified to When did you last have sex?.)Question
03/30/20 10:03 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI had sex with this guy like four days ago. We’ve had a pretty regular thing for a couple of months. (Clarified to when my last sexual encounter was.)
Your avatardo you urinate after sex?Question
03/30/20 10:03 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOh . . . I guess I didn’t know you were supposed to.
Your avatarUrinating after sex helps lower the risk of UTIs by clearing the urinary tract of any bacteria. Making this a regular habit might decrease your chances of getting a UTI again in the futureEducate
03/30/20 10:05 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonHm. Alright.
Your avatarAny past medical condition?Question
03/30/20 10:07 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonBesides what I’m here for now, I’m pretty healthy, honestly.
Your avatardo you have any allergies?Question
03/30/20 10:08 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI have seasonal allergies in spring and summer. I don’t know to what exactly, but my eyes itch, my throat gets scratchy, I get a stuffy nose, and all that fun stuff.
Your avatardo you take any for you allergies?Question
03/30/20 10:08 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI just take these antihistamines ahead of time so I don’t get symptoms. It’s loratadine.
Your avatarwhat dosage do you take? (Clarified to How much loratadine do you use at once?.)Question
03/30/20 10:09 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonIt’s a pill that’s 10 milligrams a day. (Clarified to what dosage the loratadine is.)
Your avatardo you miss dosesQuestion
03/30/20 10:09 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI never miss doses. I just take all my pills in the morning together, and they’re all once a day, so it’s easy. And with my birth control, I can track it with the click pack.
Your avatardo you take any other medicationsQuestion
03/30/20 10:10 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI don’t know if it qualifies as medication, but I took some cranberry supplements cause apparently they help with UTIs, which I figured I had when my pee started burning.
Your avatardo you cranberry pills help (Clarified to Are the cranberry pills effective?.)Question
03/30/20 10:10 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI don’t know . . . I’ve heard you’re supposed to take them for UTIs, but it’s been three days and nothing’s gotten better. And I even took two at a time. I don’t know the dosage, but regardless, you’d think they’d be doing something. (Clarified to if the cranberry pills are effective.)
Your avatarCranberry pills aren’t an effective treatment against UTIs. In the future when you notice these symptoms contact a healthcare provider sooner so that you can receive medication that will be more effective treatmentEducate
03/30/20 10:13 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonThank you. That makes sense.
Your avatarany medication allergies?Question
03/30/20 10:13 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonActually, now that you mention it, I’m hypersensitive to penicillin.
Your avatarwhat is you reaction to penicillin (Clarified to What type of reaction do you have to penicillin?.)Question
03/30/20 10:14 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonMy penicillin reaction is pretty bad. I get a red, itchy rash, and I get all sick to my stomach and throw up a lot. (Clarified to what my reaction to penicillin is.)
Your avatardo you use any illicit substancesQuestion
03/30/20 10:14 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI tried weed at a party at my first semester here, but I just didn’t like it. I never bothered with it again after that. But before you say anything, no, I’ve never touched tobacco.
Your avatardo you drinkQuestion
03/30/20 10:15 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI usually drink one or two nights a week, depending on if there’s good parties or not. But I never have more than a drink or two. Gotta keep my brain right so I can take over the world.
Your avatardo you practice safe sexQuestion
03/30/20 10:16 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonUh, I always use protection. I take birth control and I use those spermicidal condoms.
Your avatargood, practice sex safe with partners of all genders in order to minimize the risk of STIsEducate
03/30/20 10:17 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonThanks for the info.
Your avatarany family history of illnessQuestion
03/30/20 10:20 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonMy dad’s really healthy. My mom’s a breast cancer survivor. She’s fine now, though. Totally cancer free. My Nana — that’s my Mom’s mom — died of it, though.
Your avatarI’m sorry that your mother had breast cancer. That must have been a difficult thing for your family to go through. I’m glad that she is OK and that you and your sister are are not at riskEmpathize
03/30/20 10:23 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOK.
Your avatarwhen was your last periodQuestion
03/30/20 10:23 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonMy last period started two and a half weeks ago, so the last day was two weeks ago. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarHiQuestion
03/30/20 10:32 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonHey, sure thing. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatartake the full course of medicationsQuestion
03/30/20 10:32 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOk – but what if I start feeling better?
Your avatareven if you start feeling betterQuestion
03/30/20 10:32 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOh, ok. That makes sense.
Your avatartake with mealQuestion
03/30/20 10:33 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOk. Can do.
Your avataruse backup contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancyQuestion
03/30/20 10:33 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOk. Got it.
Your avatarcontact provider for reactionsQuestion
03/30/20 10:34 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI’ll look out for that.
Your avatartake to relieve painQuestion
03/30/20 10:34 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOk. Yeah, that’s pretty important. Will do.
Your avatarcontinue this while on the antibioticQuestion
03/30/20 10:34 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOk, I will.
Your avatarurine will appear orangeQuestion
03/30/20 10:35 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonWeird! Thanks for letting me know.
Your avatarcontact provider is you notice and rashesQuestion
03/30/20 10:35 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonGot it.
Your avatarpee before and after sexQuestion
03/30/20 10:35 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOh, I didn’t know. I’ll be sure to do that. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarwear loose fitting cotton clothesQuestion
03/30/20 10:36 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonI’ll be sure they’re made from cotton. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarwipe front to backQuestion
03/30/20 10:36 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOookay. Gotcha. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarthank youQuestion
03/30/20 10:36 PM CDT
Makayla hendersonOk. See you later.
UTI with Antibiotic Sensitivity Shadow Health Transcript

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