Trait Targeted for Intentional Change

This article covers Trait Targeted for Intentional Change Paper.


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Assignment: Trait Targeted for Intentional Change Paper

Assignment: Trait Targeted for Intentional Change Paper


2-4 pages double spaced

The class is about personality psychology and the paper is talking about applying personality analysis and application throughout the paper, that I have learned through the semester.

There really isn’t a right or wrong answer just as long as it relates to personality psychology.

Will provide any documents/powerpoints if necessary.

Bb Upload Assignment: Applied Pers X + О ХХ 个 a 3 Workplace Login vcu VCU – Central Authe… S8 Summer Concerts -… HVHL Central # Vista Higher Learni… myEHtrip – Welcome ADP Login W Workday ehi – Sign … Other bookmarks DISCUSSIONS Assignments Due Date Points Possible Groups 100 Friday, May 8, 2020 11:59 PM Help Tools/Communications Does personality change or stay the same? By definition, personality is something that is RELATIVELY ENDURING (or “stable”) across a lifespan, however research has shown that some situations, events and developmental changes can result in some significant changes to personality over time. Earlier this semester, you were asked to consider your own beliefs about personality stability vs. change and select a specific trait you might like to change/improve if intentional efforts could in fact bring about some degree of personality change (at least at the trait/dispositional level).

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Trait targeted for intentional change
Trait targeted for intentional change

In 2-4 double spaced pages, please discuss the trait you targeted for intentional change, the specific goal(s) you set for yourself and the strategies you used to attempt to fulfill this/these goals. Were you successful in meeting your goal – why or why not? What do you think helped or could be helpful if you were to continue pursuing this goal? How might you sustain this change so that it is permanently integrated into your personality? ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION Text Submission Write Submission Attach Files Browse My Computer Browse Content Collection Browse Cloud Storage ADD COMMENTS Comments Cancel Save Draft Submit When finished, make sure to click Submit. Optionally, click Save as Draft to save changes and continue working later, or click Cancel to quit without saving changes.

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