Tanner Bailey Pain Management Shadow Health Transcript

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Pain Management Shadow Health Transcript – Transcript

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Pain management shadow health transcript
Pain management shadow health transcript

Started: Mar 17, 2020 | Total Time:53 min

Your avatarHello Mr. Bailey. My name is Danielle Scott, I will be your provider today.Greet
03/17/20 3:34 PM CDT
Tanner baileyHey.
Your avatarWhat brings you in todayQuestion
03/17/20 3:35 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI picked up this heavy box at work–with like, sound equipment and stuff in it–and ever since then, the pain in my lower back has been killing me. I think I need to be on opioids or something.
Your avatarI am sorry your back has continued to hurt so severely for so long, We’re going to determine the best plan of action to ease your painEmpathize
03/17/20 3:38 PM CDT
Tanner baileyHey, thanks.
Your avatarWhen did the pain start?Question
03/17/20 3:39 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI lifted a box at work . . . probably thirteen weeks ago now, and it hurt right away. I just knew I really hurt myself.
Your avatarDid you go to the hospitalQuestion
03/17/20 3:41 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI went to the hospital when I hurt myself picking up that box thirteen weeks ago. They looked me over but they couldn’t figure out what kind of back injury I had.
Your avatarDid the hospital recommend anythingQuestion
03/17/20 3:41 PM CDT
Tanner baileyAll they did was tell me to take ibuprofen and do physical therapy. They couldn’t even tell me what was wrong, even after an MRI. It turned up nothing.
Your avatarWhat did the hospital diagnose you withQuestion
03/17/20 3:42 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThe ER did an MRI, but they can’t tell me what’s actually wrong with my back. My coworker drove me all the way out to the hospital the day I hurt myself, and there’s not a whole lot to show for it.
Your avatarHave your pain levels changed since your injuryQuestion
03/17/20 3:44 PM CDT
Tanner baileyMy back pain hasn’t gotten better at all. I feel like I’ve been in pain forever. I need it to stop.
Your avatarWhen does your pain occurQuestion
03/17/20 3:45 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThe pain starts when I wake up in the morning. It does fade away for a little bit during the day, but it’s not a reliable thing and it always comes back.
Your avatarI’m sorry that it’s been so difficult to find a proper treatment plan for your pain and that you haven’t always received enough relief. We’re going to figure out how best to treat your pain quickly and effectively.Empathize
03/17/20 3:48 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI appreciate your saying that.
Your avatarWhat other symptoms do you haveQuestion
03/17/20 3:49 PM CDT
Tanner baileyNo other health issues, no disorders, no other symptoms. Just excruciating lower back pain.
Your avatarDoes exertion make your pain worseQuestion
03/17/20 3:50 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThe pain is worst when I’m doing something. Walking, lifting, bending over. It makes it hard enough to move I can’t even go to the physical therapist like the ER doctors wanted. I tried some exercises at home and they just hurt too much.
Your avatarDoes exercise make your pain worseQuestion
03/17/20 3:50 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI can’t exercise. Which just stinks. I used to lift weights and do cardio three times a week. Now, every little thing hurts. I can’t bend or lift stuff, and even walking is just so painful. I tried some PT exercises for my back at home, but it just hurt so much.
Your avatarWhat is the pain likeQuestion
03/17/20 3:51 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThe pain is sharp and burning, and it tingles sometimes. It’s always in my lower back. Never really thought about being hurt at work, and now I’ve been laid up forever.
Your avatarHow much pain are you inQuestion
03/17/20 3:51 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThe pain is hard to deal with. Sometimes it’s between a 0 to 2 out of 10 — sometimes it’s at 4-7. I need a prescription for opioids at this point.
Your avatarDoes anything relieve the painQuestion
03/17/20 3:52 PM CDT
Tanner baileySometimes just shifting around–changing the way I’m sitting or lying–can help a little. Rest helps a little bit, too. Drinking kind of worked, but I did have to go up to three drinks a day. Ibuprofen didn’t work at all, but these opioids I tried–hydrocodone and acetaminophen–they actually stopped the pain.
Your avatarDo you have any type of allergies (Clarified to What allergies do you have?.)Question
03/17/20 3:54 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI don’t have allergies. (Clarified to what allergies I have.)
Your avatarCan you tell me about your family historyQuestion
03/17/20 3:55 PM CDT
Tanner baileyMy mom’s has depression. She’s also an alcoholic. My dad’s pretty healthy.
Your avatarAre you currently taking testosteroneQuestion
03/17/20 3:55 PM CDT
Tanner baileyYeah, I take testosterone. 100 mg of testosterone enanthate, to be exact.
Your avatarDo you take opioidsQuestion
03/17/20 3:56 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI was taking them, but I’m out. It was my first time trying them, and I had my last one this morning. My friend only had a week’s worth after his surgery, so now I’m here for a prescription. My back hurts too much to wait it out.
Your avatarWhile the medication your friend gave you was effective for pain relief and even though he no longer needed it you should only take prescriptions that a healthcare provider can safely endorse and overseeEducate
03/17/20 3:57 PM CDT
Tanner baileyYeah, I guess that makes sense.
Your avatarDo you take ibuprofenQuestion
03/17/20 3:58 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI was taking ibuprofen because the hospital prescribed it. It didn’t work for the whole two weeks I was on it.
Your avatarWas it over the counter (Clarified to Did you take ibuprofen that was just over the counter?.)Question
03/17/20 3:58 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThe hospital prescribed me ibuprofen, but I just bought some over the counter — prescriptions are such a hassle to fill and pick up and all that. Figured it’d be easier. (Clarified to If the ibuprofen was over the counter.)
Your avatarPrescription and over-the-counter medications are not always identical. you should always fill your prescription instead of buying them over the counter and always take your medication as prescribedEducate
03/17/20 4:00 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThank you. One more thing to think about, huh?
Your avatarDo you miss doses of your medicationQuestion
03/17/20 4:03 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI’ve been in way too much pain to miss doses.
Your avatarWhat level of income do you makeQuestion
03/17/20 4:03 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI make around 25 grand a year from the theatre — it’s mostly enough, but I need to be super careful with spending.
Your avatarHas your alcohol consumption endangered youQuestion
03/17/20 4:04 PM CDT
Tanner baileyIf you mean like, drinking at work or something, no, I’d never. I’ve just been at home.
Your avatarCan I examine your backQuestion
03/17/20 4:05 PM CDT
Tanner baileyHave at it. [AUDIO COMING SOON]
Your avatarthank youQuestion
03/17/20 4:05 PM CDT
Tanner baileyYou’re welcome.
Your avatarhi Tanner I’m going to continue with the ibuprofenQuestion
03/17/20 4:11 PM CDT
Tanner baileyAlright, let’s do it.
Your avatarTake the medication with food milk or antacids to decrease the chance of GI issues like constipation nausea or vomitingQuestion
03/17/20 4:11 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThanks for the tip.
Your avatarTaking higher doses than recommended does not increase really but may increase the likelihood of adverse effects do not take more than 2400 milligrams in dayQuestion
03/17/20 4:12 PM CDT
Tanner baileyGot it.
Your avatarStomach bleeding is a serious side effects of ibuprofen if you notice any blood in your stools or vomit seek medical attention immediatelyQuestion
03/17/20 4:13 PM CDT
Tanner baileyFine by me.
Your avatarAvoid drinking alcohol while on this medication this may increase the risk of GI bleedingQuestion
03/17/20 4:13 PM CDT
Tanner baileyAw, man. No more whiskey?
Your avatarthough alcohol has been effective for you as a back pain reliever it is dangerous substance that could damage your health and behaviors. we will work to find you a treatment plan whose risk can be minimized and overseenQuestion
03/17/20 4:15 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI get it, but just so you know, you’re asking a lot of me.
Your avatarStomach bleeding is a serious side effectQuestion
03/17/20 4:16 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThat sounds awful. Is this stuff really safe to take?
Your avatarIf you notice any blood please contact your provider immediatelyQuestion
03/17/20 4:17 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI guess it’s worth the risk. I mean, I’ve got to do something.
Your avatarYou should start going to physical therapy again it is important part of your recovery from chronic back painQuestion
03/17/20 4:17 PM CDT
Tanner baileyBut it hurt so bad. That can’t be good for my back, can it?
Your avatarTaking the proper medication will assist in the painQuestion
03/17/20 4:18 PM CDT
Tanner baileyAlright . . . guess I gotta work through the pain a little bit.
Your avatarTaking prescriptions that has not been prescribed to you is a dangerous and ineffectiveQuestion
03/17/20 4:18 PM CDT
Tanner baileyI mean, I know you’re not supposed to . . . but it did work a lot better than the ibuprofen.
Your avatarTaking prescriptions that don’t belong to you is dangerous and ineffectiveQuestion
03/17/20 4:19 PM CDT
Tanner baileyOkay, okay. I understand. Really. I knew it wasn’t a good idea . . . I just couldn’t find anything that worked. This time will be better.
Your avatarThanks Tanner have a good dayQuestion
03/17/20 4:20 PM CDT
Tanner baileyThanks. You have a good one.
Pain Management Shadow Health Transcript

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