html concepts

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This lab will cover the basic HTML concepts presented in the first chapters of your textbook.

For the labs this semester, you will be creating a website for a business website. You will be responsible for designing the look of the page as we progress through the semester. As we learn more concepts, we will add additional pages and content to our site. For now, we’ll start easy and make a basic page using notepad. Your first lab should include the following information:

  1. A Word document that briefly outlines the purpose of your business. In this document, discuss who the most likely customers are for your website and briefly discuss some of the things you think your customers might expect on the site. For example, you can discuss colors or content or something else that might appeal to your customers. You can look at similar webpages for inspiration. NOTE: If you are repeating the course, you must choose a new company and start the labs from scratch.
  2. Two pages named index.html (main page) and links.html (page of links)
  3. Correct HTML structure (HTML, HEAD, and BODY tags) and HTML 5 semantic elements (HEADER, NAV, MAIN, FOOTER) on both pages
  4. A correct title in the head section of the document using the title tags
  5. Three different levels of headings on your main page
  6. Two introductory paragraphs about your company on your main page
  7. A description list with the name of at least three things or services your company offers and a description of each item.
  8. A copyright statement in the footer section of both pages using the HTML to create the copyright symbol.
  9. On your links page, create 5 absolute links to related websites in a list (ordered or unordered). These links can be to anything related to your company (tourism websites, airlines, etc).
  10. A relative link from your index page to your links page and a relative link from the links page back to the index page in the nav section of the page.
  11. An email link to your email address in the footer of both pages
  12. Use two phrase elements somewhere on your pages

Remember, name your pages index.html and links.html and attach them here in Canvas. You can zip them into one file if you wish and submit the zipped file here in BB.

Also, don’t forget that you need to do all of your work in notepad or a similar text editor (not Word, Dreamweaver, web templates, etc.) If you submit work using any of these “other” editor programs, you will not receive a grade for the assignment. Reread the syllabus section on Academic Dishonesty for more information.

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