David, who died in 2017, was a follower of the Church of Scientology and director of Garrick Theatrical Ltd, which is the only theatrical costume maker in Lichfield employing approximately 1,000 people in that city.

In his will David gave £1 million to his trustees upon trust for each of the following purposes:

i) £100,000 towards the education of the children of the employees of Garrick Theatrical Ltd.

ii) £100,000 to provide grants to enable persons, to be selected by my trustees, to undertake research into any aspect of theatrical costume; in making such grants they shall give preference to the employees of Garrick Theatrical Ltd.

iii) £300,000 to provide accommodation at affordable rents
for those retired employees of Garrick Theatrical Ltd who are in needy circumstances. 

iv) £200,000 to promote the abolition of the use of wild animals in films and entertainment venues in the UK and abroad.

v) £200,000, to promote the beliefs of the Church of Scientology to the local community.

vi) £100,000, for such charitable or worthwhile causes as his trustees should select.

Using relevant case law and statutory authority, advise as to the charitable status of each of these.

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