Gemma, who has become a wealthy business woman and co-owner of ‘Extra-Fast Computing Ltd (‘EF’) with her best friend Nancy, made the following bequests in her Will dated 2017.

6. £500,000 to my sister Louise in the hope and full confidence that she will look after the welfare and financial well being of our parents, Katy and Malcom, for as long as they shall live;

7. My 49% shareholding in Extra -Fast Computing Ltd to my executor, Dennis, to hold on trust for my brothers, Rupert and Stanley;

8. To my former colleagues, Jackie and Gill, one of my collection of classic handbags to Jackie, the rest to Gill;

9. £100,000 to my executor Dennis on trust to distribute it, in his absolute discretion, to such of the inhabitants of Aigburth, Allerton, 
Crosby and Formby as he shall think fit;

10. £10,000 to Barry to divide up equally among those who regularly attend St Mathews Church, Allerton, but only if in the opinion of the parish priest, they are good Catholics;

11. To my love Angelo, whichever of my five houses he desires to live in, with his children also allowed to choose a house each;

12. The residue of my estate to my sister Louise. 

Advise Dennis as Executor as to the validity of these bequests.

The coursework will consist of a problem question on the creation of trusts 3 certainties. 

2000 words excluding the bibliography and footnotes.

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