Assessment Details:

Group Work – presentation (25%)

Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:

Group Presentation (25%):

 Analyse fundamental theories, concepts and methodologies that support enterprise systems implementation

 Evaluate and discuss the adoption and implementation of enterprise systems in organisations Individual Report (75%):

 Critically appraise the role of enterprise systems in organisations in redesigning/transforming business processes

 Compare different technologies and tools for effective system integration including business process modelling techniquesIn a group of four, you will analyse the case study and prepare a presentation that:

 Reviews the student recruitment and application processes to identify the challenges associated with the current processes.

 Proposes a system that can help to ease some of the challenges, justify your choice by relating it to the case study.

 Examine some Critical Success Factors (CSF) that can support the adoption and implementation of the proposed system (relate these CSF to the case study

It is expected that all member of the group will contribute equally. In cases, where an individual contribution is significant to others in the Team, this should be communicated and indicated so that marks can be assigned accordingly.

Note: 5 minutes will be allocated per person for oral presentation.

Individual work- Report (75%)

Reviewing the case study provided you are required to prepare a 2500 words report, in which you will:

 Critically review business process management methodologies and techniques, and tools for effective system integration including business process modelling techniques.

 Review the current admission processes to:

o Identify bottlenecks in the current operations

o Produce the as-is process diagrams

o Identify areas for improvement.

o Propose new processes (to-be) that offer improvements, reduce redundancies and optimise the existing processes.

 Discuss the proposed improvements and its implications for JPMU’s admission processes.

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