I’m studying and need help with a Javascript question to help me learn.

Note : Need instruction how to run this code and what need to be done to run the program.

Assignment Instructions

Create a simple Node.js server (Save as w4_firstname_lastname.js) . Create a restful application similar to the one in lesson 4 (ReSTFul Web Services). Document the routing table, and the application you created.

Extra: Modify any JavaScript code (or the JScript assignment) to run from Node.js command line

Submit your week 4 work in w4_firstname_lastname.txt (Please save the file as a text file and upload the text file here for final review.)

Note: node MUST be installed in the entd261 folder. Your code must be saved to the entd261 folder. node cannot be installed in any other folder. Be sure you have done this, or the code will not run in the command line.



Comment block. Instructions on how to run the code with examples


Code documentation and comments.


Assignment code including creating command line /URL parameter




Reminder: This is what your ENTD261 folder should look like with node installed.


To submit your assignment, enter text in the Submission Text box below and/or attach one or more files and then click Submit. Save your work frequently.


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